She came. She scooped. And she (very nearly) conquered!

She came. She scooped. And she (very nearly) conquered!

A delighted Nailsea mum challenged the world trolley dash record in the town earlier today.

Mother of three Joanne Vick scooped up a massive 121 items in a frantic and frenetic 99-second dash around the brand new 99p Stores at The Crown Glass Shopping Centre, which opened its doors at 9.30am this morning to blazing sunshine and snaking queues.

Joanne,40, emerged as the lucky Nailsea person to perform the dash after bosses at 99p Stores HQ in Northampton had put out a search for a  local ‘VIP’ – Very Important Pennysaver’.

In the end they got a ‘VIP’ with a difference: a Very Important Poet!

That’s because Joanne’s husband Mick, aged 41 won over the bosses with this “very witty ditty”:

For many years in our town, 

So many shops been closing down,

This good news I think is sound,

I can’t wait to look around.

So if you have a trolley dash,

It would be fun to have a bash.

So thanks for turning up our frowns,

I say – welcome to our town!

Mark decided in the end to generously let Joanne, pictured here (attached – also the company logo) do the honours. And she certainly did him – and the town – proud!

“I’ve always wanted to do one of these,” she beamed afterwards. “And did I really get that much?”

“YES” declared ‘Mr 99p’ as he oversaw proceedings. ‘Mr 99p’ – the brand entertainer for 99p Stores – hosted the dash as well entertaining the waiting crowds before the Grand Opening.

Joanne wasn’t so far off challenging the world record trolley trawl of 267 set by Southampton mother of three Sally Cooper. 99p Stores UK boss Hussein Lalani described the poem as: “A very witty ditty.”

And he added:

“A BIG congratulations to Mark and Joanne and an equally big thank you to everyone who entered the search as well as visiting us today. We are extremely thankful for everyone’s support and interest so far.”

The 99p Stores Nailsea branch is the 223rdUK outlet of the discount retailer which stocks around 5,000 different products at each of its branches – everything from 99p fishing lines and perfume .. to pregnancy kits and even garden gnomes!

“Something for everyone,” adds Mr Lalani.

Around 2M value-savvy Britons shop weekly at 99p Stores.

More photos of the trolley dash can be viewed at Nailsea People:



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